You don’t need sales training on how to close, you need sales training on how to plan!!

In our experience sales teams are so highly trained on their product or service, they focus on imparting this information and forget the basics around knowing their customer; uncovering a need, or understanding what has worked in the past.

The ‘PEARL’ Sales Model

Our sales training is based around our unique model which covers the following:

Planning  We believe that all good sales calls begin at the planning stage.  Sadly, this is the stage that many salespeople skip over as they are often so results focussed that they are presenting their product or service without even considering the key objectives for the call. We focus deeply and spend most of the time on this stage as this is the foundation from which everything else flows.

Execution – If you’ve planned your call effectively, the execution of the call should flow easily.  However, we are not sales robots, so you still need to consider how you present yourself, how to build rapport and how to listen effectively.

Analyse – It’s critical to self analyse to consider if you’ve achieved your objectives.  Do you actually remember the specifics of what happened in the call?  So often we bounce straight out of one call to another task without taking the time to think about what we actually said and how it was actually received.  By taking the time to review this it enables you to think about what worked well and what could have been done differently.  This gives you great insight into how you can adapt your approach in future calls.

Reflect – Looking inwards is critical for your personal development and future success.  At this stage, we consider your own personal performance rather than whether you followed the techniques.  It’s here that you can dramatically effect your future results.

Learn – OK, so you’ve taken a look back at what you achieved.  You have analysed and reflected, but what action will you take as a result and why will it improve your performance?

Management and Development


Example courses:


This 2-day programme helps individuals who have been highlighted as potential future leaders to take their next step into management and to prepare them for this key move in their career.  We understand that there is nothing like hands-on experience to accelerate learning, however making sure you are as prepared as possible for this huge change in roles is crucial.  Through research we have found that the biggest pitfalls to successful management is the lack of mental preparation and understanding of the transition from being a high performing individual contributor to a first line Manager, therefore we cover:-

“The Three Transitions” 

  1. From going it alone to how to collaborate with others and balance expectations from your network.
  2. From getting your work done, to getting your work done through others.
  3. From being one of the team to being the manager of the team.


This 1-day programme demonstrates to managers the importance of including coaching in their practices.  How they can gain more time in their diary and ultimately enable their teams to achieve and deliver more.  Sounds easy?  Well, it has been documented that being a coach and a manager is a paradox.  We look into how to solve this issue, enabling you to have the best of both worlds.