Sandra Wiggins

Sandra Wiggins – DPI (UK) Ltd

Mental Health First Aid Attendee

Let me introduce Sandra, a business owner who, like many wears many hats and deals with HR within her organisation. Sandra found that she was feeling exhausted from dealing and helping her colleagues and she didn’t have time for other day to day responsibilities.

As anyone in senior management, Sandra was helping and advising her staff on how to be more productive as well as helping them through personal situations but found she was getting unintentionally emotionally involved and didn’t know where to draw the line. As with most people, the conversations were playing on her mind, and Sandra always worried whether she had said the right thing, or had put the proper processes in place.

Since the MHFA course, Sandra is now having more structured conversations; her language is more professional as she uses correct terminology. Sandra is confident around addressing mental health scenarios and now offers support and information while making a conscious effort not to give advice.

Having appropriate structures in place for herself means that she is not taking on too much which gives her time for other important business matters, while still supporting her staff and colleagues. As part of the MHFA course, Sandra is more equipped to deal with Mental Health situations and apply that to her wellbeing. She makes time for herself and is more aware of her own emotions and feelings.

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