We all have such busy lives and get pulled from one thing to another. This time of year, we set ourselves ridiculous goals all in the name of new year resolutions! 

It is cold, we have short periods of sunlight, we remove the pretty, twinkly lights from around our houses to make it even darker. We then decide we need to give up chocolate, or alcohol or put ourselves on crazy diets!

My goodness, no wonder the 12th January is classed as quitting day. 12 days of adding to your misery is enough for anyone to feel like giving up.

Be Kind To Yourself

Our mental health and well being is so important for us to be able to cope and deal with what life throws at you. We need to be kind to ourselves and realise that we all have mental health. It is the way we manage our mental state and cope that makes the difference between it becoming a distraction or an illness. 

You’re Not Alone

I talk to lots of people about mental health, either through my own experiences or via the contents of my training courses.

One common thing I see and hear is the relief from people when they can talk openly about their mental health experiences, be it personally or through friends and family, without fear of judgement.

This may be something that you can relate to? Judgements are going to be a topic for an upcoming article so look out for that. 

If like millions of other people, you have set new years resolutions why not take a look at my top wellness tips below to ensure you give yourself a chance to succeed.

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Read on to find out what my first 2 topics will be and which 2 amazing people will be talking to me and sharing their knowledge.


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The Law Gazette – 7th January, Max Walters wrote an article on Junior lawyers and the impact the demands of work is having on their mental health.

It discusses some of the contents of the Law Society’s Junior Law division survey for its third resilience and wellbeing report. Asking respondents for the first time to reveal what specific measures their employer has put in place to tackle stress, and what could they be doing better.

It was noted that there was a worry that the profession would lose vital talent due to the culture of organisations not supporting their staff sufficiently.

Thursday 17th January – Parliamentary debate regarding mental health first aid in the workplace.

What are your thoughts? Do you think your company is doing enough to tackle mental health?

It was a definitive win in Parliament, with the ‘Ayes’ concluded the speaker having it. This signalling the majority view that first aid regulations need to be updated to ensure that mental health is treated equally to physical health in the workplace

Lego Therapy

In the latest issue of Happiness magazine, I spotted a little article about Lego. I have always talked about playing like a child again and how it puts a smile on peoples faces and does wonders for their wellbeing. Now Lego is making similar claims. 

Albeit in a small feedback study, when they asked 5 people to play with Lego during work and give feedback on the effects of their overall wellbeing and productivity, they reported feeling calmer, more efficient and generally feeling better! 

This was particularly so if they played with it in the morning. 
Food for thought at your next meeting with the boss hey?? 


I’m excited to say that there are 9 more Mental Health First Aiders in and around the Lichfield area. As of the 23rd January Martyn Jennings, Wendy Harris, Amy Reynolds, Sandra Wiggins, Sharon Hunt, Samantha Pickin, Sarah Farrell and Amanda Bickerton all successfully completed their course with me at the Holiday Inn Express Lichfield. Well done all.

This is some feedback I received from my previous open course.

“I would highly recommend Amanda and the MHFA training. The training was insightful, thought-provoking but also practical. Amanda was a great trainer as she was open, honest and sensitive which created a ‘safe environment’ for all to share in. She is highly skilled at taking us on a mental health training journey.”

Our next training course is scheduled in Lichfield on 26th and 27th February. Contact me for more information or to book your space.

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