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So we are now over a third into 2019! How are you feeling about that? What have you experienced in this time or achieved?

Most people, even when asked a positive question like this, will probably default into “what haven’t I achieved” mode. Saying things like yes, I have done this but I could have done it this way, or I didn’t do that etc. So, why do we do this? I will be writing some blog posts about this very topic, so look out for those to shed some light, but I have put some top tips in my wellness tips section below.

To Do List

I realise I have been a bit quiet lately, along with taking a fantastic family holiday over Easter, I have been incredibly busy delivering Mental Health Training to various organisations and people which is fantastic, but it means other things have taken a back foot. I recently wrote a post on LinkedIn about this, saying we need to be kind to ourselves because we can’t do everything and actually it tends to be ourselves that piles on the pressure. We would never be so critical to our friends or family as we are to ourselves. I received a lot of comments and personal messages about this and how so many of you can totally relate.

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New articles

Beacon News

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Industry news – Mental Health and Wellbeing

If you are trying to build a business case for mental health first aid training, then why not check out this document put together by MHFA England.
Implementing Mental Health First Aiders

Training and testimonials

My Open Mental Health First Aid courses have been an enormous success, and the feedback just awesome. The impact it had on everyone in the room was just amazing to see and hear.

I have had some fantastic feedback following my first 2 ‘Mental Health and ….’ Webinars. It was great talking to Amy about the impact personality can have on mental health and mental health on your personality and also to Phil regarding the importance and impact mental health training can have on organisations. We talked in both a lot about raising awareness, (you will hear me saying that a lot!!!) Have you watched either of them yet, I would love to know your thoughts? I have my third webinar on nutrition is live now, so check it out if you have not seen it already.

As well as receiving many referrals and bookings for my Feb and March courses coming up, I also received terrific verbatim feedback.

This is some feedback I received from my course on 26th and 27th January.
“I saw this course advertised by Amanda. It was the best money I’ve ever invested in, not just for my own Mental Health & Wellbeing, but for those around me. I see this course supporting sole traders, employers, HR & HSE consultants and anyone who has a coaching business… Amanda, I can’t rate your delivery highly enough. Thank you.”

Wellness tips

  • How to stick to your goals
  • ork and life boundaries

I mentioned above in the newsletter how despite being asked a positive question like what are you good at or what have you achieved, we tend to default to is answering what aren’t you good at or what haven’t you achieved? I will look at this in more detail in my upcoming blog posts, but in the meantime, try these top tips to become more positive in your answers.

  • When someone gives you a compliment, say thank you. Don’t dismiss it or brush it off. Accept it!
  • Ask someone to explain why they have given you some positive feedback. Understand what the impact was on them. Something that seems trivial or ‘bog standard’ to you might have really helped them.
  • Have a success board/journal. Each day or week write down what you have achieved, big or small.
  • Set realistic goals and objectives. If they are unattainable, then you will consistently feel like you are failing. Sense check your goals with colleagues.
  • Understand your personality type. Do you need external or internal validation? Neither is right or wrong, better or worse but gaining an understanding around this means you can put appropriate supports in place to help you
  • Start your sentences with yes instead no because, when asked a question. It can open your mind to all sorts of opportunities rather than closing the door.
  • When you are being critical about yourself, check your language, would you say these things to your friends or family if they were in your shoes? Be kind to yourself.

Let me know your top tips and what the impact has been when you try some of the above, remember habits take time to form, and this will feel strange to start with.

What’s coming up?

My next 2-day Adult Mental Health First Aid open courses are

  • 21st and 22nd May at the Holiday Inn Express Lichfield
  • 18th and 19th June at Darley Abbey Mills, Derby 
  • 25th and 26th June at the Holiday Inn Express Lichfield

Book on now if you would like to know how to support, approach and structure a conversation around mental health with colleagues, family or friends. It will also give you awareness and insight into your own mental health, enabling you to be more productive at home or at work.

Please contact me if you would like more information or would like to attend.

Webinar series ‘Mental Health and …..’

I am excited to have Wendy Hill joining me for my 3rd webinar in my series to discuss Mental Health and Nutrition.

Wendy is a Nutrition, health and wellbeing advisor. She has a wealth of tips and information around ensuring you are putting the right things in your body to enable you to be at your best. This has been recorded and is available now.

Networking events

I know working on my own business will require me to successfully ‘spin a lot of plates’, and although I have a lot of training and facilitation days there will be times I need to spend by myself, however for my personal wellbeing, productivity and energy levels, I need to ensure I have time with other like-minded people. Attending networking events is a crucial part of my working weeks, where I develop my own skills, share with others and generally enjoy the interaction.

Where you will find me

-Love Ladies Business Group, had groups across the Midlands to support and empower women in business. I am a member of the Lichfield group and am going to the coffee catch up on 14th May. At McKenzies in the city. Check out for information.

  • -I am attending the Lichfield LinkedIn local on 23rd May at the Hedgehog
  • -Lichfield Business Network on 23rd May at Le Reve
  • -17th May I will be attending Trainer Talk Live,

If you are a fellow trainer reading this and want to be amongst like-minded successful trainers then look no further than joining Sharon Gaskins, Trainer Talk group. The support and knowledge in this group are fantastic. Go to for more information.

If you are interested in Mental Health and the impact this has on your bottom line and your employees, please dont hesitate to contact me for more information. We can offer bespoke training and overview courses to suit your needs.

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